All Greek To You Blog Review

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1: I don’t think this title is the best it could be. It doesn’t really mean anything that relates to your blog. I might be completely wrong here, you might know it as a saying that means someone knows nothing about technology, but I don’t know. The content of your blog is very interesting though. It is interesting to read for anyone who is interested in the business side of technology.

2: The text is a little large. Maybe move it down a size so it is not big, but also not to small. It still can be large, but not too big that it takes up lots of space.

3: Change the theme! You have your own URL, and it links me to an overused blogger theme.¬†Disappointing. Change the theme to a less common theme so it makes you site a little more unique. You will find that you don’t like the new design for a few days, but you will soon get used to it. I have redesigned this site once or twice and have always liked the result.

I scrolled down your blog, and this was the first post I read. Why? Because it has a picture. Put a picture on each post and it draws more attention to it. Personally, the posts without pictures look boring to me, so I don’t read them (This is in general- I did read your posts though :D).

I like the background colour of your blog as it gives a calming ‘sensation’ when reading your blog.
If anyone reading this would like to know what ‘Cloud Computing’ is, then read the post on this blog about it. It is explained very well.

Your blog is quite simple so there isn’t much to say about it. Its good so far, and good luck with it in the future ūüôā Keep writing like you are and target the correct people and you’ll have a great blog.

My Photoshop Tutorials blog review.

Here is your free website review from The Website Doctor!

1: With this header, the background draws attention to the middle of the header, so if something is not aligned with the centre, it looks odd. You should make the text centred so  the centre of the background is the same as the centre of the text. Otherwise, it looks good.

2: Is this widget working? You have 76 followers, and 0 hits? I know for a fact something is wrong here, as I am on your blog. It should have changed!

— Hold on,¬†I’ve¬†just refreshed the page. You’re now on 14 hits, with 76 subscribers?! Wa??

3: I think your tutorials need a little work. You have to remember that we cannot remember every step on the video. Because we have to flick between your website and photoshop, it means we’ve got to keep pausing the video and starting it again. Could get a little annoying. You should put a little text tutorial with images. just because it makes it easier for some people. Good video tutorials otherwise.

4: Just because you’ve seen something on another website, doesn’t mean you can’t copy it and do it yourself! You should follow this tutorial and make your own sample images, then make your own tutorial to put on your website. This saves you having to link to someone else’s website.

5: Whoops! You forgot to edit the about page! Quick, do it now!!

Change your WordPress avatar so it changes the thumbnail image shown on the tab in an internet browser. This makes it easier for us to find your site again if we have lots of tabs open.


Looking good so far! 

P90X Blog Review

Here is your free website review from The Website Doctor!

1: Nice header. Looks really good.

2: On the left of your blog, the content is aligned nicely with the header. On the right however, it isn’t lined up. I added two lines to show help point it out. Either make the sidebar smaller or make the header image a little longer.

3: You have lots of menu tabs, that’s fine, but you don’t have a ‘Home’ tab. I know you can click on the header image to be taken back to the home page, but its good to have a home tab for people who don’t know that clicking on the header takes you to the home page.

4: Another little alignment issue. Try and make these adverts more centralized in the box. It makes it looks better.

5:It’d be good to see these photos centralized

If you have been doing this for a while, you could upload current pictures of yourself and put them next to the old pictures. At the moment this page is pretty boring, if you put current pictures of yourself, then we have something to compare your old self with. This will make the page a little more exciting.

6: Use the ‘Mailto’ HTML thing to link your email address. It just makes it easier for people to email you.

7: Lets spruce this up a bit. These URL links look ugly. Use this HTML:

<a href=”; target=”_blank”>@P90XBlog</a>

<a href=”; target=”_blank”>P90XBlog</a>

That will make it look more exciting!

Overall, good blog ūüôā

Gut2Cut Website Review

Here is your free website review from The Website Doctor!

Wow! What a transformation. For anyone who isn’t a regular visitor to my blog, this is the third time I have reviewed this website (I think!). I’ll dig out the first screen shot I had of this website.

Here it is:

You can see the owner of this website has been working hard since. I’m not claiming credit for this website redesign because it was¬†entirely¬†the owners idea. The old website (above) looked a bit¬†fierce¬†and angry. It showed a woman with chains round her neck, sweating and lots of¬†exercising. It was also hard to¬†navigate¬†round, with some parts missing. The new website (Top) looks much more friendly, and appeals more to the target market (I’m expecting this to be woman because they tend to watch their weight more). It’s much more inviting and is just easier to look at.

1: (On the new screenshot) The titles of the blog entries could be made a little bigger so they are more noticeable.

In your article list, write a few more so it makes the website look like it has been running longer. A longer running website = members trust the advice.

¬†Hop on over to YouTube and ¬†find a few weight loss videos to plump out this page a little. When you make more videos, you can remove the older videos. YouTube gives you the embedding code for the videos too, so all you have to do is copy and paste the code (On a video, click ‘Share’, then ‘Embed’.

It is so important to have posts in the forum before you can get members.

Members will make posts. To get members, you need posts. Members -> Posts -> Members -> Posts. People won’t join the forum if the see there is only two admins ever online. You have two ways to get round this problem:

1: Remove the forum until you have lots of members to you main site, then introduce it.

2: Create multiple accounts from you email address, and get posting. You have two admins, so if both of you make 5 accounts each, then you have ten members. You make ten posts by each member, 10×10=100 posts. Its the only way to do it. Or bribe your friends to help, but from my experience, they will make one post and think thats all you wanted…


The rest of your site looks very good. When you have perfected the website, concentrate on selling the site to people to get them to join! (Sell them the idea of it, not the actual site!)


Now is the best time to get users, its the beginning of a new year so people ARE going to try and loose weight. Get out in the town and give out leaflets.



Phogropathy Website Review.

Here is your free website review from The Website Doctor!

1: The name of your blog is very hard to read. I don’t know how to pronounce it at all. If I can’t pronounce it, then I also can’t remember it.

2: Your title has very sharp edges, so sharp in fact they are not smooth. You need to get the correct balance to make them smooth. I also think the font is quite old fashioned. Use a more direct and simple sans-serif font to make it look more modern.

3: Try to fit your titles on one line.

I think your blog looks really old¬†fashioned. Take that as constructive¬†criticism¬†because I shall tell you how to update it. Your brown and green menu bar is a little bit dull. Maybe if you changed it to give the effect that is a cylinder shape, instead of flat. The large light brown/grey box on the right also makes it look kind of old. I also think the header image is a little old fashioned. If you used a different, more unusual picture, then it would be more exciting. I mean, c’mon, who hasn’t seen a sunset picture before?

4: Where did the menu bar go?

On your free wallpapers, you should put a little signature or something in the bottom corner so people can’t claim it as their own. (If people crop the signature out, then you can still claim it as yours because you have the FULL photo, with the bottom bit they cropped out).

You should also put emphasis on the buying prints part. You should have a little button next to each photo which takes you to a ‘order prints’ page. You could have the little button, or you could link the photo to the prints page, so when the photo is clicked the person can order prints. Make sure the ‘Order Prints’ page shows in the menu too. Make some money from your pictures and your laughing!


Best VPN Service Website Review

Here is your free website review from The Website Doctor!

1: You could make this a bit bigger, so it stands out more than the advert.

2: You should include and ‘other’ box, where people can write their own reason. This means if their reason isn’t listed then you won’t loose a vote.

If you saw the screen shots of the two websites above, which website would you instantly be attracted to? The second one, of course. You should keep the same hose style over the website. This has two purposes-

1. Shows the person viewing the website that the page they are currently on is part of the website they started on. If I was shown the second screen shot, then the first, I would think they were different websites.

2. Its professional. If Amazon had a different colour and design for each page of their website, they wouldn’t be as big as they are now.

The red menu bar is good. Its better than the first screen shot.


Also, I don’t know what VPN is, and if someone comes across your website, where can they find out what VPN means? Even in the ‘ABOUT US’ section at the very bottom, you say nothing about what VPN is. I would suggest somewhere on the home page landing screen that you do write it fully out so we know what VPN stands for. Then, in the menu, have a tab saying ‘What is VPN?’. Use this page to tell us exactly what VPN is.

Other than this,¬†your¬†website is very good. Just watch some minor things, such as on the ‘IAPS VPN Security’ bit (in the second screenshot), the thumbnail covers up half of ‘Security’.


Well done! ūüôā

Find My Supplies Website Review

Here is your free website review from The Website Doctor

1: Maybe this could be made a little larger to fill in the white space next to it.

2: These drop down menus should be made so you just have to hover the mouse over the down arrow and the menu box drops down. It makes it easier access.

3: Just a little point here, by the background is a little fuzzy on the outside of the white text. This could be made crisp/ sharp on the edges and looks more professional.


At first glance, I thought your website was just selling¬†cartridges for different printers. It was only after looking around the site that I realised you only sell HP cartridges, and other office supplies. Maybe you should make this clearer because someone could spend a good few minutes looking for an¬†Epson¬†cartridge, only to find out you don’t sell them.

With the ‘Tell us what you think…’ box, if I click on it I am taken to a page that lets me write a review. That’s fine, but you also have said ‘or see how others rated our service’. That’s probably important to other customers, but it is incredibly difficult to find. I think you should select a few reviews and put them directly on the site.


This is only a short review because I think your website is very good and professional, and I would be happy to buy from you if I found your website on Google. It has good contact information and good prices.


Good website! Now all you need to do is concentrate on other aspects of the business ūüôā

I also think you will be interested in this, The Three Click Rule. 

La Scarlet Cat Blog Review

Here is your free website review from The Website Doctor!

1: CRASH! ¬†The background blends with the title, so it’s hard to read. Your background is good, but you need to change the position so it doesn’t clash with the title. This also makes it look like the ‘Merry Christmas’ bit is actually part of the logo, so it is a bit confusing.

2a&b: I’ve seen lots of blogs and websites that have two or more menu bars. Why? If we want to navigate around a site, the first place we look is to the top, for a menu bar. This means 2a is not needed. You can remove this widget and people will still be able to get around your blog.

3: I like this snow. I tried to get it on my blog, but I couldn’t find the ‘Extra’ menu under ‘Appearance’ where it should be. I guess by the time this review is published, the snow will have finished, but you can still shed some light on it by telling me? ūüėČ

4: Internal Links: Same window. External Links: New window. This is a rule. We don’t want to fill our browser up with each page of your website, so we keep internal links from opening in new tabs. External links open a new website, so we open these in a new tab, so we still have your website open. Search back a few reviews because I have written how you can do this. (It involves _blank).

5: I don’t know what made me read this post. I don’t even know why I read it. I’m also not sure what the point of it was either. I still loved it though! It’s like the perfect post. Good sized paragraphs, keeps moving on, is full of that self¬†conscience we¬†all can relate to. One thing I would say, is to keep the font colour the same though out the blog. The colour on this post works well.

6: ¬†When you click on the link at the bottom of this page, (your email address), it doesn’t work. It says ‘ Not Found’. You could use a proper mailto: tag on it, or you could make a form for people to fill in. I recommend a form, because it automatically stops spammers and hides your email address a ¬†little.

Interesting page, but I think these polls would do better on the side bar. That said, if you want to keep them here, then spilt the page into columns and put the polls next to each other so they fill up more space. This can be done by using this:

<div style=”float: left; width: 46%;”> POLL </div>

<div style=”float: right; width: 46%;”> POLL 2 </div>

This will put them into columns. If you want more than one poll, then you can do it like this:

<div style=”float: left; width: 46%;”>





<div style=”float: right; width: 46%;”>





This is what it will look like:




Looking good! ūüôā




Formula 1 Blog Review

The first review of 2012!
Here is your free website review from The Website Doctor.

1: I think you could make the title more exciting. Centre it, and make it bold or larger. We need it to stand out more.

2: This is very long. You should make it one sentence, then go more in depth about your blog in an ‘About page’. Also, watch the colour of the font, as it blends with the colours on the last line.

3: Re word this to ‘Readers: Please comment on any posts you enjoy as I am interested in your feedback.’ When you say ‘Please do’ we expect the next word to be ‘not’, so it gets a little confusing if you read it fast.

4: You need a menu bar. The bar should contain ‘Home’ ‘About’ and ‘Blog List’. This makes it easier to navigate your site, and also gives you a place to write about why you started your blog and what its all about. Make sure you put the menu bar along the top, under the header. This frees up space in the side bar where (4) currently is.

5: Uh Oh! Not again. REMOVE!

6: Be¬†careful¬†so that your content doesn’t get pushed off the main content column. Bring these numbers in more.

7: Instead of having three blogs all about Formula 1, you could have them all in one blog. Make three different pages and use them like three different blogs, but all under one URL. You could also have a main content bar, where you post all posts you make, then have them appear in the separate pages you make. I’m not sure if its possible, but it would be good if you could.

One last idea is to split the content page into three column and have one column for each topic.

8: Woah, where are the spaces? Your paragraphs shouldn’t be longer than, say 5 lines. More than that and it gets trick to read on a computer screen.


You also have lots of posts on the home page. You should only show only a few posts, from say the last two weeks. If you make the blog home page too long, it lags when you try to scroll down (stops and starts quickly). This can be annoying and makes readers close the window, and lose your blog :O


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